Legal News Line: Customers accuse Trader Joe’s of false advertising of maple products

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly: Lawyers who prevail in class action for renters see attorneys’ fees slashed

Law 360: Sports Tape Doesn’t Relieve Pain, Class Suit Says

Law 360: US Marine Sues OPM, Contractor Over Data Breach (PDF)

Law 360: Urban Outfitters ZIP Code Suit Settled With Gift Cards

Law 360: AOL Wants Cord Cut On ‘Wrong Number’ TCPA Texting Suit

Boston Herald: Equity to refund illegal fees to Mass. tenants (PDF)

Boston Herald: Target breach settlement on track for $10M (PDF)

Examiner: Purina Beneful named in second class action lawsuit after dogs’ deaths (PDF)

Washington Examiner: Beneful blamed for dogs’ deaths in second class action lawsuit (PDF)

Legal Newsline: Beneful blamed for dogs’ deaths in second class action lawsuit (PDF)

The Boston Globe: Saugus man alleges Beneful pet food killed his dog – Business – The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe: Mass. retailers ask for ZIP code, and lawsuits follow (PDF)

The National Trial Lawers: Law Firm Sued For Spamming with Text Message Marketing (PDF)

The Connecticut Law Tribune: Law Firm Sued for Fishing for Clients Via Text (PDF)

New York Law Journal: Law Firm Sued Over Text Message Ads (PDF)

Boston Herald: Judge Says Equity’s Tenant Fees Illegal (PDF)

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly:  Jurisdiction – Personal – Resellers (PDF)

Salon: New Bank of America whistle-blower emerges: More customer abuse secrets (PDF)

Oklahoma News On 6: Sapulpa Woman Fighting Loan Company’s Illegal ‘Bully’ Tactics (PDF(1), (PDF(2))

Universal Hub: Local man sues over junk phone calls that urge him to update his Google listing (PDF)

MFI Miami: BofA Solves Liquidity Problem By Circumventing National Mortgage Settlement (PDF)

Universal Hub:West End renter makes federal case out of apartment fee (PDF)

Universal Hub: San Francisco company that claims its app connects friends has an enemy in Boston (PDF)

Boston Business Journal: Therapist files suit against Boston Institute of Psychotherapy alleging violations of Wage Act, Independent Contractor law (PDF)

Dailykos: The Green Tree—Ocwen—Nationstar Mortgage Hustle (PDF)

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly: Urban Outfitters loses bid to have insurers cover privacy violations

Law 360: J. Crew Settles ZIP Code Collection Suit

Legal Newsline JournalJ. Crew settles ZIP code class action, providing vouchers

Law 360: Urban Outfitters ZIP Code Privacy Suit Goes To Fed. Court

Law 360: Tech Co. Can’t Escape Massachusetts TCPA Class Action (PDF)

The Daily Dot: Class-action suit calls out Whisper for Illegal spam (PDF)

Gigaom: Whisper app hit with lawsuit over spam texts (PDF)

Boston Business Journal: Boston man sues maker of Hangtime iPhone and Android app (PDF)


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